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We bring brands to life with strategic stability & creative effectiveness, elevating sales & business success.

What we offer

What we offer

Every business is different and we understand that at Brand Department.
This is why we have come up with different customised packages to suit all of your needs.

Branding, logo creation, brand optimisation, web design, videography, photography, advertisement, digital and social media content, print material (brochure, flyer, poster, business cards...), point of sale

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Our work

How we work

How we work

At Brand Department we believe asking the right questions makes brands stronger.

You know your brand best but we know how to make it better. With big brand experience and industry knowledge, we are the experts at connecting you to your audience at every touchpoint.

Our results are rooted in robust, strategic foundations and our creative packages are designed to bring business sales & success.

Whether you’re a brand startup or looking for a brand reboot, we’re here to take you on an exciting, creative adventure.

Tim McCallum - BWX

Brand Dept. brings a wealth of experience, is highly responsive, and has consistently delivered great results for us. The team are excellent at process management, provides clear lines of communication and has displayed great agility to adjust in line with our needs. Based on our dealings with Todd, we have also identified opportunities to improve our internal artwork systems and error-proof our approach whilst maintaining speed.

Brands we have worked on over the years

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