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+ 30 Minute consultation

+ Two original logo concept designs 

+ One final print ready logo

+ Set of digital logos

Brand logo design

ICONS BD-03.png

Ensure your logo speaks volumes

about your business from the get-go.

Your logo tells that you are serious about business. Ensure your brand communicates to your customers in a succinct, cohesive manner to aid your growth and success.


Make sure this critical part of your branding

is perfect from day one.




+ Everything in Brand logo package

+ 1 Hour brand evaluation

+ Style guide: Brand look & feel, logo, design guidelines, graphic elements, typography, image & identity

+ Full set of social media assets

Brand suite creation

ICONS BD-02.png

Make your brand work for you, it’s more than just a logo.

Your brand looks, the way it sounds, communicates and interacts with your customers at every touch point is crucial to ensuring business or product success.


Drive an effective, sales message via visual

brand consistency and build brand recognition.




+ Everything in Brand suite package PLUS Brand workshop which includes SWOT analysis

+ Brand mission / values / essence

+ Target market

+ Category positioning

+ Competitive audit

+ Brand personality / identity

+ Category trends

Brand strategy

ICONS BD-01.png

Maybe now’s the time to take your brand to the next level. 

Strategy underpins everything we create for your brand. We’ll help you define and clarify your offering so you connect with your customers at every touchpoint.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small to large business owners and re-brands.




+ Everything in Brand strategy package

+ Web design

Brand visibility

ICONS BD-04.png

Make your business available online for the world to discover

With our web design package, get visibility across the world with a unique website tailored to your needs.


Our experienced team of designers will work with you to create a customised website that perfectly reflects your brand.

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